Modern Day Denial of Tawheed ar-Ruboobiyyah

Denial of Tawheed ar- Ruboobiyyah in the present day and age.

OVERVIEW : Denial of Tawheed ar- Ruboobiyyah in the present day and age.

  • Among the types of Shirk ar-Ruboobiyyah that were prevalent in the past and are still committed today, many involve the principle of believing in and worshipping something else together with Allah ﷻ. The worshipped items range from people and animals to stones, carvings and imaginary gods.
  • In the present day and age there exists a type of rejection of Tawheed ar-Ruboobiyyah that was made popular and cemented in Europe approximately a hundred and fifty years ago. The philosophy of adherents to this world-view amounts to denying the existence of a Su- preme Being altogether. It proposes and presents the view that God is something that has been invented by people. People who declare this and adhere to this way of thinking totally deny the existence of God and therefore claim that people are wasting their time worshipping something they believe as imaginary. People who hold this belief are called ‘atheists’.
  • This way of thought gained a lot of support after the spread of the popular evolution theories which claim that people are not the descendants of Aadam, but have instead evolved from apes. The evolution theories provide so called scientific proof for the philosophical theories of the negation of a Supreme Being.
  • This trend of thought was actually known to Muslims over one thousand four hundred years ago and Allah ﷻ was refuted it already.
  • Allah ﷻ refers to human beings as the ‘Children of Aadam’ in various places in the Qur’aan. The following is one such example:
  • The verse also clearly mentions the original residence of man as that of Paradise.
  • Allah ﷻ speaks about the creation of man and describes how Aadam (عليه السلام) was created from dust:
  • The first aayah describes how every man and woman is a descendant of Aadam (عليه السلام) . The second aayah explains the fact that Aadam (عليه السلام) was created from dust and he did not evolve from apes. These two aayaat clarify the issue of the origin of men and women. Muslims thus reject the popular theories of evolution.
  • Many people who deny the existence of Allah claim that the ruling classes invented the no- tion of a Supreme Being in order to oppress the working classes. Some atheists believe that there is no beginning and no end. They deny the Hereafter, Paradise and Hell-Fire. Instead, they say that there is nothing after death. For these people, Allah ﷻ has prepared a severe punishment:

Another form of modern Shirk ar-Ruboobiyyah became popular round about the seven- teenth century, the followers of which are referred to as ‘pantheists’. This type of Shirk is t believe that everything is Allahﷻ . These people do not believe that Allah ﷻ is separate from the rest of creation. Allah ﷻ refutes this many times in the Qur’aan by describing Himself as being separate from His creation:

  • This aayah describes the fact that Allah ﷻ created absolutely everything and that He ﷻ is separate from all of them. Those who believe that Allah ﷻ is a part of everything have committed Shirk ar-Ruboobiyyah and cannot be called Muslims.
  1. Every man and woman is a descendant of Aadam (عليه السلام) ,
  2. Forms of modern day Shirk ar-Ruboobiyyah take a person out of Islam.
  1. What is Shirk ar-Ruboobiyyah?
  2. Why do people commit Shirk ar-Ruboobiyyah ?
  3. Where does pantheism occur around the world? Give three examples.
  4. Do you know why atheism is so popular in the modern day? Write down two detailed reasons.

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