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We cover the most needed materials for Muslim learners.

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Ulama Institute is the most reliable platform for Muslims.

Understanding the Quran and learning to read it in Arabic should go hand in hand, creating a harmonious journey of both comprehension and recitation.

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what is the Ulama Islamic school program?

it’s a deep dive to build the beliefs and knowledge of a Muslim student.

The program is suitable to be learned by all ages, and all levels starting from 5+ years old.  

  • Quran Explanation
  • Seerah of Prophet Mohamed
  • Islamic Study
  • Hadith

The Goal

confident and knowledgeable Muslim

Our philosophy

Ulama’s Program Strengthens Your Faith: Empowering the Next Generation with Deep Understanding and Critical Thinking at Ulama Institute

At Ulama Institute, our Islamic course is essential for building and strengthening the Iman of Muslims through deep understanding, critical thinking, and comprehensive knowledge of Islamic doctrine. In a world where society increasingly influences individual beliefs, it is crucial for Muslims to actively shape their children’s faith according to Islamic principles. Our program stands out in this mission, providing the tools and guidance needed to nurture a strong, informed, and resilient Islamic faith in the next generation.

Ulama Institute Islamic School

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We took the stress out of the process, and most importantly, no annual commitments, because you pay month to month.


book an evalution

First, book from the available time that works for you, or contact us directly.


we meet for evaluation

Next ,the second step is to evaluate the student’s level of knowledge.


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Finally, you sign up with our automatic monthly subscription.

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the course matirials

The curriculum

  • the islamic school curriculum
  • Quran explaninion (Tafseer)
  • Islamic Studies
  • Arabic (how to read Quran with Tajweed)
  • Hadith
  • History ( Sunnah & seerah)
  • worship practices
  • Moral & Manners (tarbeah)
  • Activity : gather the students for fun free activity toward the eduction after classes with friends.
Full time
  • Duration
  • 60 minutes per class
  • 4 classes per week
  • 16 classes per month
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Part Time

  • Duration
  • 60 minutes per class
  • 2 classes per week
  • 8 classes per month

Ulama Islamic school FAQ


We have both male and female teachers

Simply, you can ask the support team to gender request

The teachers are located on the school schedule according to many variables. but if you ever want to change the teacher we can locate you to a different group

The minimum you need for each classes is:

  1. Computer or Tablet or Smart Phone
  2. Textbook.  (Recommended to have a hard copy) After you are scheduled for your course, you will be able to access digital versions of your books, but we recommend to have a hard copy as well for studying.
  3. webcam
  4. Headphones (preferably with a microphone attached, to ensure your teacher can hear you clearly)

We schedule your classes around what is convenient for you.  When you register for a course, please let us know what days and times are best for you and we will try our best to schedule you during that time frame.

yes we do, we give 10% for 2 children and another 5% for every more student withe the family.

Regarding the Islamic school are 2 different Teachers according to their suitable experiences

You should be able to enroll by subscribing to a full-time or part-time of the Islamic school

After creating your account, simply add a course and answer your evaluation questions. If you would like to enroll your child, you can contact the admin and support to add the child’s information on the portal.

Once you Check out on the online shopping cart the automatic payment will be set up automatically and will be withdrawn every month

Who We Are

Ulama Institute has one goal in mind, And that is Education

Ulama began in Austin, Texas, with a mission to create a platform that makes education accessible online. We believe the future of learning will extend beyond traditional schools and universities, as free and open education proves to be more viable and effective

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