Du’aa: During Rain

Allah ﷻ sends the rain down from the sky.

What did the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ say when and after it rained?

  • Every second, large amounts of water evaporate from the oceans into the sky. The evaporated water forms into clouds. After condensation in the clouds, rain falls onto the land. The rain is absorbed and this produces vegetation. All living things then survive by eating the food and drinking the water. Allah ﷻ mentions this process in the Qur’aan:
  • Rain is a blessing from Allah ﷻ . From it people drink and eat food. Without rainfall, every living thing would die. The Prophet  recognized this and would say a certain dhikr when it rained and also after it rained. Sometimes it rains very hard. If this happens, there can be floods where people drown, crops may get damaged, roofs may be ripped off of houses and trees may fall on the roads.
    Most of the time rain is of great benefit. The earth soaks up the water and the plants grow. The dams fill and people drink from it. For this reason, the Prophet  made du’aa for rain that would benefit the people:
    ‘Aaishah said that whenever the Prophet  saw rain, he would say,

The Prophet ﷺ said:”O Allah, make the rain beneficial for us.

قال رسول الله  “اللَّهُمَّ صَيِّبًا نَافِعًا” ( رواه البخاري)

  • The Prophet  would say the following to thank Allah ﷻ for sending the rain:

The Prophet  said: We were granted rain by the favor of Allah and His Mercy

قال رسول الله ﷺ : مطرنا بفضل الله وَرَحْمَته ” (رواه البخاري)

  1. Allah ﷻ sends the rain down from the sky.
  2. The Prophet  used to make du’aa for beneficial rain.
  3. The Prophet  would thank Allah ﷻ after it rained.

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